Liberal arts and sciences minors

In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, every student chooses an approved minor to complement their degree program. This gives your résumé a competitive edge while also allowing you to study what you love.

Minors may be taken in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or any other WSU school or college. The minor requirement is waived for students who complete a second major, a double major, a concurrent degree, a dual degree or a second degree.

  • Students earning a co-major in Latino/a and Latin American studies will be considered to have completed the minor requirement.
  • The university honors co-major does not fulfill the college requirement for a minor.

Important: Students must complete all courses in their minors with a minimum overall average of 2.0. In order for a minor, second major or degree, or certificate program to fulfill the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences minor requirement, it must include at least three courses that have not been used to fulfill requirements for any other major or minor.

Interested in a minor not listed here?

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