Minor in Biomedical Physics

The biomedical physics minor offers students a captivating journey at the intersection of physics and medical sciences. This interdisciplinary program provides a comprehensive understanding of how the principles of physics are applied to medical imaging, diagnostics and therapies. Through a thoughtfully designed curriculum, students explore topics such as medical imaging techniques, radiation physics, biophysics and the technological innovations driving modern healthcare.

The Minor in Biomedical Physics is an ideal complement to various majors, from physics and engineering to biology and pre-med studies, providing a unique perspective on how physics advancements are shaping the landscape of healthcare and medical research. With the addition of this minor, students gain a solid foundation in both physics and the biomedical sciences, enabling them to comprehend the intricate mechanisms behind medical technologies like MRI, X-ray and ultrasound. With hands-on experiences and practical applications, students develop the skills to analyze and solve complex problems at the crossroads of physics and medicine.

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