Bachelor of Arts

Students obtaining the bachelors of artsĀ (B.A.) degree generally use physics as a background for study in other fields which may include graduate studies in biotechnology, medicine, geophysics, aerospace, nanoscale technologies, patent law and various aspects of the financial sector.

The B.A. program is intended to meet the needs of several kinds of students:

  • Those desiring to major in physics who have transferred to Wayne State after one or two years at a community college, but whose background in physics and mathematics does not complement the content, level, or scheduling or remaining course requirements well enough to permit completion of the bachelor of science degree curriculum in a reasonable time
  • Students who wish to pursue a general course of education in the sciences with physics as an area of concentration
  • Once undecided students who decide relatively late in their college careers that they wish to major in physics

Completion of the bachelor of arts program instead of the bachelor of science program does not preclude later graduate work in physics.