Exploratory tracks: Find what fuels you

It's important to declare your major as soon as possible. But if you're not ready to make that decision right away, exploratory tracks in the liberal arts and sciences can help you discover your path at Wayne State.

Each track is limited to 30 credits or less, after which you must declare a major. Talk with an exploratory track advisor about selecting an exploratory track.

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Inspire the world

Are you interested in what it means to be human? Do you have a thirst for knowledge about our diverse cultures? Are you inspired by art, literature and philosophy? If so, the humanities might be a perfect area of study for you.

This wide-ranging field helps us learn more about existence, language and culture. The humanities open the door to exciting, enriching research experiences and careers that deepen our knowledge about who we are and how we tell our stories.

Life sciences

Impact the world

As the name implies, the life sciences are focused on the study of living organisms and biological processes. From the smallest microbes to the most complex plants and animals, this field explores nothing less than how life works. Areas of study focus on everything from cellular biology to human health and nutrition. It's an area that requires rigorous study and research, and its findings have an impact on staying healthy, living longer and caring for the planet.


Physical sciences and mathematics

Save the world

From the grandeur of the universe to the intricate chemical-physical reactions that create and sustain life on our planet, the physical sciences explore the processes and reactions that occur all around us. Key to this is an understanding of mathematics, which helps us analyze and understand these processes more clearly. A research-intensive field, the physical sciences, and mathematics are key to understanding the world we live in.

Social sciences

Change the world

How do humans live together and function within a society? How do we arrive at the principles that govern us, resolve conflict and help us live together? The social sciences explore those questions and examine how human societies are created and thrive. This field opens the door to many exciting careers that seek to affect real change in the world we live in.

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