Programs in history

What is history?

History is the study of the past, for its own sake and to inform how we understand the world today and what might be possible in the future. History nurtures personal and collective identity in a diverse world. Stories of freedom and equality, injustice and struggle, loss and achievement, and courage and triumph shape people's personal values. Democracy thrives when people convene to express opinions, listen to others, and take action. Weaving history into discussions about contemporary issues clarifies differing perspectives and misperceptions, reveals complexities, grounds competing views in evidence, and introduces new ideas.

At Wayne State, all history students conduct original research and have opportunities to contribute to digital history and public humanities projects. Students in all of our degree programs can gain real-world experience through internships. Our graduates work in education, museums, non-profits, business and administration, publishing, journalism, law, medicine, and other professional fields where analytical thinking, evidence-based decision-making and written and oral communication are valued.

Degree programs