About us

History is central to our understanding of the world today. Studying the past allows us to place our world in context, to explore our family and national legacies, and to see how the threads of our experience are woven into the social fabric. The skills of the historian – the ability to do research, to think critically, and to write clearly and persuasively – help us to make these connections.  

Our department maintains an international reputation for excellence in the fields of urban, labor, and political history; the history of gender and women; and the history of science, technology, the environment, and medicine. Our faculty explores central questions about race and inequality across the globe and engages the public in work on the history of human rights and social justice.

We invite you to join us—as undergraduate majors; as students looking for answers about past societies and the roots of our own; as graduate students seeking historian's skills to teach ideas, to  interpret evidence, and tell a story; and as alumni, who attend events, connect with our students, and remain part of our community.