Diversity, equity and inclusion

Supporting inclusive teaching and learning in history

Wayne State University brings diverse faculty, staff and students together in the heart of Detroit. The history department is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all members of our departmental community, making the study of history accessible and welcoming for all. In order to support our students and provide an inclusive and safe educational experience, this page also connects faculty and students with resources to report suspected abuses for conflict resolution.

Improving our classroom environment

We're committed to cultivating educational spaces where students from all backgrounds can learn and explore. Here's a selection of resources to support faculty who are interested in further developing their knowledge and skills to create and support a welcoming classroom environment for students.

Improving interactions in an office environment with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

Faculty and staff interact not only with students but with each other. We continually strive to create a workplace built on respect and support for our colleagues. Here are some resources on how to respectfully interact with others under DEI principles and where to report misconduct.

Reporting resources

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion on campus is committed to creating a nurturing environment on campus for students, faculty and staff.