Co-Major in Latino/a and Latin American Studies

The Latino/a and Latin American studies co-major is a multidisciplinary program that strengthens the career prospects of students who plan to work in national or international environments where knowledge about Latin America, the Caribbean, Latino/a studies and multicultural diversity would be a valuable asset.

This co-major is an excellent choice for students seeking a unique educational journey, embracing diversity and preparing for meaningful careers with a global perspective. Completion of the co-major is noted on the student's transcript as a dual degree in Latino/a and Latin American studies.

Why study Latino/a and Latin American studies at Wayne State?

  • Networking and community engagement: Detroit's close-knit Latino/a and Latin American community provides ample opportunities for networking, internships and community engagement, fostering personal growth and professional development.
  • Global perspective and history: Latin America plays a crucial role in the global economy and politics. By studying the region's history, societies and cultures, students develop a broader understanding of international relations and global dynamics.
  • Language proficiency: Language courses enhance students' proficiency in Spanish adding highly valuable skills valuable in a diverse job market, providing a competitive advantage in various fields.
  • Multinterdisciplinary approach to cultural studies: The co-major combines various disciplines such as history, sociology, literature, politics and art, providing a comprehensive and well-rounded understanding of the Latino/a and Latin American experience. Students can explore these topics from multiple perspectives, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills.

How to apply

Students must submit a declaration of major at the beginning of their junior year.

Latino/a and Latin American studies is also offered as minor to complement various majors.

Latino/a and Latin American Studies First-Year Interest Group

Designed to bring together students with similar interests or academic goals, First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) utilize block scheduling to create learning communities and simplify registration to two clicks. As part of First-Year Student Orientation, students will be invited to sign up for a FIG based on their interests and placement.

Career outlook

Graduates with a Co-major in Latino/a and Latin American Studies are well-prepared for careers in education, government, non-profit organizations, international relations, journalism, business and more. The combination of cultural competency and interdisciplinary skills makes them attractive candidates in today's globalized world.