Minor in Latino/a and Latin American Studies

The Latino/a and Latin American studies minor provides students with cultural competency and global awareness to complement any major. This minor provides a broader perspective and enhances career opportunities in an increasingly interconnected world. Students will explore the history, culture and societal contributions of Latin America and its diaspora.

This interdisciplinary minor delves into the diverse perspectives and experiences of Latino/a communities, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. Through engaging coursework, students gain insights into the region's rich traditions, languages, art and literature. Our program encourages critical thinking and analytical skills, enabling students to examine complex social issues, such as immigration, identity and social justice.

Declaring the minor

To declare a minor in Latino/a and Latin American studies, contact Professor Jorge L. Chinea.

Latino/a and Latin American studies is also offered as a co-major to students in their junior year.

Latino/a and Latin American Studies First-Year Interest Group

Designed to bring together students with similar interests or academic goals, First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) utilize block scheduling to create learning communities and simplify registration to two clicks. As part of First-Year Student Orientation, students will be invited to sign up for a FIG based on their interests and placement.

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