Bachelor of Arts in History

Wayne State University’s Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in History degree program centers around in-depth historical analysis and fostering meaningful engagement with local Detroit communities.

If you're curious about how our world came to be, what the past was like or the origins behind enduring social and political problems, our history major is perfect for students like you. Each component of this interdisciplinary program teaches you to think critically, research effectively and communicate persuasively, preparing you for a meaningful vocation or graduate study.

Why Wayne State’s history major?

  • Learn from award-winning faculty members who contribute to documentaries, write for magazines and frequently appear on renowned radio shows.
  • Take a direct pathway to graduate study to earn your M.A., Ph.D. or joint M.A./J.D. in History.
  • Join a vibrant Detroit community of eager peers, mentors and scholars looking to make a difference through public education.
  • Affordable tuition rates and ample scholarship opportunities. 

What is the study of history?

History examines and documents the past of humans. Studying history allows you to learn how and why historical events occurred and strengthens your development of communication and critical thinking skills.

While a history degree offers a unique skill set applicable to a range of career paths, many history majors go on to become historians. These passionate individuals dedicate their efforts to conducting things like researching and curating exhibits for museums or educating the public through many modes of media.

Learning objectives

Wayne State University’s history degree program teaches students to:

  • Analyze, synthesize and successfully defend evidence-based historical findings to the public.
  • Develop the soft skills and technical skills necessary to become an archivist, historian, lawyer or professor through graduate school.
  • Strengthen their understanding of U.S. and world history across a diverse range of historical topics.

B.A. in History program requirements and curriculum

To meet the requirements for degree completion, you must complete the following:


As a history major, you curate your schedule around your history interests.

Available classes cover a few of the following diverse topics:

  • African civilizations
  • East Asia
  • Europe from 1500-1945
  • Latin America
  • Modern history of women, gender and sexuality
  • World history since 1945

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Engaging history research and internship opportunities

Internships and hands-on research are an integral part of your history degree, as they allow you to develop your professional skills while earning course credit. This might mean collecting data for a new exhibit at a local museum, assisting a nonprofit history organization or working to improve an anthropological magazine.

We uniquely designed our History Communication Lab to help you and your peers share important findings from your research with the public across Detroit and beyond.

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Minor in H-STEM, Public History or Society and the Environment

To enhance your history major, the Department of History offers the following minors:

History bachelor’s degree career outlook

Earning your history degree not only provides you with one of the most versatile skill sets of any major, but it also serves as an excellent stepping stone for a graduate degree.

Our alumni hold positions as teachers, museum directors and historians, with many branching out into the fields of business, law or even pre-med.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage of history degree holders is $63,000 per year.

Financial aid and tuition

The Department of History awards more than ten distinct scholarships each year exclusively to history majors, including research, paper and service awards.

View a full list of all scholarships available at Wayne State University, and use our net price calculator to estimate the cost of your tuition after financial aid.

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Embark on an exciting journey through time to better shape the future by enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts in History degree program at Wayne State University.

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