Joint Master of Arts in History and Juris Doctor

Students who have successfully completed their first year at the Wayne State Law School may apply to the Department of History for admission to the master of arts/Juris doctor (M.A./J.D.) program, which leads to a simultaneous receipt of an M.A. from the Department of History and a J.D. from the Law School.

An undergraduate major in history is not a prerequisite. The department, however, may refuse admission to or require special non-credit preparation from students with insufficient preparation.

  • Students earn both a J.D. and an M.A. in history through a coordinated program that only requires one additional semester beyond that of the J.D.
  • Students must be admitted to the Law School before applying for the joint program

Application deadline

Fall term: February 1 (early decision), May 1 (regular decision)
Winter term: November 1

Please contact Professor Eric Ash, Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of History, to discuss admissions procedures for this program.

Next steps

For more information, please contact Professor Sandra F. VanBurkleo or view the latest graduate handbook from the menu.