Minor in Pre-Law

Wayne State's pre-law minor is designed for students considering a legal career or for students especially interested in issues related to philosophy, law and society.

The Minor in Pre-Law helps students develop skills essential to the legal profession through the study of philosophy such as logical reasoning, critical thinking, argumentative writing and textual analysis. The courses in the pre-law minor also provide students with an understanding of foundational philosophical issues related to law, politics and ethics, among other areas. Courses in the pre-law minor are taught by philosophy faculty with J.Ds. or Ph.Ds. in Philosophy (or both).

Philosophy and law

Students who study philosophy are among those who score highest on the LSAT (on average) and have some of the highest acceptance rates to law school. Philosophy trains students in what the American Bar Association recognizes as core skills for the successful lawyer.

The pre-law minor combines gaining skills useful for preparing for law school with the chance to explore deep, abiding questions about knowledge, politics, the nature of reality and what constitutes a good human life.

Related course of study

The pre-law minor is versatile and can be combined with any of the university's majors. For students who want a more in-depth study of philosophy, the pre-law minor can be combined with the philosophy major. Other majors that are natural fits with the pre-law minor include political science, English, African American studies, history, economics and criminal justice.

The Minor in Pre-Law can also be used as part of your training in one of Wayne State's undergraduate law programs.

Declaring a minor

Students interested in declaring a pre-law minor can contact their departmental advisor for assistance or schedule an advising appointment.

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Sean Stidd, undergraduate director

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