Minor in Religious Studies

Wayne State's religious studies minor invites students to engage with the world's religions, both major and minor, examining their historical, ethical and social dimensions. Our program fosters deep empathy, critical thinking and cultural sensitivity, enabling students to navigate an increasingly diverse and interconnected world with grace and understanding. Beyond academia, the Minor in Religious Studies equips individuals with the tools to explore the rich tapestry of human faith, making it a valuable asset in careers spanning education, counseling, social work, interfaith dialogue and beyond.

What is religion?

Religion has been central to the human experience. Religious texts and traditions have deeply influenced humanity's core values and self-conceptions, as well as our art, music, literature and history. For many, religion is where they turn to answer the ultimate questions of human existence. But what is religion? What do different religions believe? How does one evaluate religious claims?

Religious studies, or the academic study of religion, enhances and improves one's understanding of the many dimensions of religion. Religious studies is truly interdisciplinary, drawing from fields as diverse as anthropology, history, philosophy, classics, Near Eastern studies, Asian studies, literature, art history, political science and sociology.

What can I do with a religious studies minor?

A religious studies minor introduces you to the world's religions, provides you with the theoretical tools to analyze religious concepts and practices and encourages you to investigate aspects of religion pertinent to your other studies. A religious studies minor will help prepare you for professions in religious vocations, law, social service, international relations, journalism and many others.

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