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Why study philosophy at Wayne State in Detroit?

Students who earn a degree in philosophy will acquire skills in critical thinking, analytical reading and writing, research, oral communication, logic and argument and creative problem-solving.

Philosophy involves asking important questions about ourselves, our societies and the world around us, exploring answers to those questions through the use of reasoning and discussion, and providing resources for succeeding in a wide range of occupations. Many of our students pursue careers in fields like law, health care, public policy, urban planning, social work, business or computer science, and many go on to law school, medical school or other graduate programs.

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What is philosophy?

The study of philosophy literally, the "love of wisdom" involves exploring some of the most important, exciting, and practical questions that confront us as human beings. Philosophy is preeminent among disciplines in emphasizing and cultivating the use of our capacity to reason - the distinctive capacity that distinguishes us as human beings and makes our lives rich and interesting in ways that, say, the lives of hens and hummingbirds are not. The study of philosophy also exposes the student to the work and ideas of some of history's greatest and most influential minds: Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Descartes, Leibniz, Kant, Mill, Marx, Russell, Sartre and many others.