Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Wayne State's bachelor's in philosophy contributes to the liberal education of any student, whatever their predominant interest, by its emphasis on clear and cogent thought, by consideration of the interrelations of fact and value, by training in logic and the methodology of inquiry and by a study and analysis of major philosophical outlooks.

What can I do with a degree in philosophy?

Philosophy is one of the most versatile majors a student can choose. Because philosophy teaches students how to think, problem-solve, write, and communicate effectively, it provides skills that are useful in any field, including law, business, medicine, and technology.

Philosophy majors have the highest average score of any major on the LSATs, the verbal section of GREs, and the analytical writing section of GREs. They have the highest acceptance rate of any major to medical school at almost 50%.

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Sean Stidd, undergraduate director

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