Minors in English

The English department is pleased to offer four distinct and enriching minors. Students wishing to learn more about the English department minors should contact the department advisor.

Minor in English

The English minor is a great option for students in other majors who want to be more involved in our program. Minoring in English is not only a way to enjoy some of our best courses in literature, film and media, creative writing, rhetoric and composition, but also a way to grow as a reader, writer, and thinker.

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Our other three minors are available to students from all majors, including English majors wishing to get a deeper focus to complement their major experience! Each of these minors is meaningful way to gain credentials and deepen your skills and knowledge in some of our department's strongest areas.

Minor in creative writing

The creative writing minor allows students to focus their studies in reading and writing poetry, fiction, and other creative forms.

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Minor in professional writing

The professional writing minor trains students in the essential practices of professional and technical communication.

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Minor in film and media studies

The film and media studies minor offers students knowledge and critical skills in film and media analysis and the history and criticism of film.

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Interdisciplinary minors for English majors

In addition to our departmental minors, English contributes to and participates in several interdisciplinary minors, which may be of interest to our majors.

Minor in digital humanities           

The digital humanities minor brings together interdisciplinary coursework that has to do with digital technologies as it intersects with humanities and social science research.

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Minor in gender, sexuality, and women's studies (GSW)

The Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Minor counts several English courses towards its electives, and is an enriching program for students with interests in gender, sexuality, and queer studies.

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Minor in society and the environment

The society and the environment minor can also use English courses as electives, and is of interest to students wishing to do interdisciplinary work on the impact of humans on the environment.

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