Minor in Digital Humanities

Step into the dynamic fusion of technology and culture with Wayne State's Minor in Digital Humanities. This interdisciplinary program offers a captivating exploration of how cutting-edge digital tools and methods intersect with the study of human expression, creativity and societal evolution.

Through a diverse curriculum encompassing digital storytelling, data visualization, cultural analysis and more, students unlock new dimensions of understanding in fields like literature, history, art and communication. By blending technological innovation with the insights of the humanities, students in this minor gain a unique vantage point to decipher the past, interpret the present and shape the digital narratives of tomorrow.

The digital humanities minor equips students with invaluable skills at the crossroads of technology and human experience. Graduates emerge with the ability to critically engage with digital artifacts, analyze complex information and convey meaningful narratives using digital platforms. Whether you aspire to careers in digital media, cultural preservation, education or research, the Minor in Digital Humanities empowers you to bridge the digital divide, fostering a deep appreciation for the intricate connections between human creativity, technology and the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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