Areas of study

Wayne State's English program is vibrantly interdisciplinary with overlapping interests and core areas of study.

Creative writing

Offers instruction in the art and craft of poetry and prose. Students study a variety of modern and contemporary works poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and drama and receive guidance and training in their own artistic practice.

Film and media studies

Includes the historical and theoretical study of film, television, digital media and other forms of popular media from around the globe. Through close reading, research and creative practice, students of film and media studies develop analytical skills that enable them to be critical scholars and astute consumers of media culture.


The interdisciplinary linguistics program has strong connections to the English department through several of our faculty members.

Literary and cultural studies

Includes British, American and transnational literatures and cultures. Students encounter canonical and noncanonical texts from all periods and practice skills of close reading, writing, research, analysis and interpretation.

Rhetoric and composition

Focuses on such topics as professional and technical writing, communication via digital media, the teaching of writing and the role of persuasion in broader cultural and political contexts. Students gain experience in composing in multiple formats and modalities and in analyzing the persuasive effects of various kinds of texts and artifacts.

Technical and professional writing

Develops a theoretical grounding in media technologies, ethics and writing along with practical experience composing in technical and professional genres for appropriate audiences and purposes. Students gain real-world writing experience and a writing portfolio ready for the job search.