Technical and professional writing

A Master of Arts in English with a concentration in professional and technical writing provides theoretical grounding in media technologies, ethics and writing along with practical experience composing in technical and professional genres for appropriate audiences and purposes. Students gain real-world writing experience and a writing portfolio ready for the job search. This concentration requires thirty-three credit hours of coursework and submission of a portfolio of graduate coursework writing.

Degree outcomes

Through the completion of this degree, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate broad knowledge of the objects of study and disciplinary constructions of their field in English studies
  • Conduct scholarly and creative work in an ethical manner, consistent with professional standards in their field in English studies
  • Create scholarly works that demonstrate fluency in the critical analysis of and argumentation about literature, media, culture and/or rhetoric and composition, assessable by a portfolio and reflective statement

This M.A. in English is designed to accommodate students with career interests in publishing, as writers or who want to pursue advanced study in a Ph.D. program. Your portfolio of written work will be presentable for job applications in technical and professional writing positions. Students with a focus in professional and technical writing (a subset of rhetoric and writing studies) interested in pursuing a Ph.D. will find tenured positions in technical communication often available in surplus.