Minor in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Wayne State's Minor in Communication Sciences and Disorders provides students with a foundation in the science of human communication and communication disorders across the lifespan.

Our program offers a comprehensive exploration of the intricacies of human communication and the challenges that can arise due to various disorders. Through a dynamic curriculum blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications, students gain insights into speech and language development, communication disorders and therapeutic interventions. By delving into the science behind communication, graduates with this minor emerge with a unique skill set that equips them to assist those with speech and language difficulties, making a difference in education, healthcare and beyond.

With a communication sciences and disorders minor, students not only acquire the foundational understanding of communication processes but also cultivate the empathy and compassion necessary to support individuals facing communication challenges. This minor serves as an ideal complement to a range of majors, from psychology and education to healthcare and linguistics, offering a valuable perspective on the vital role of effective communication in human interactions.

Whether aspiring to become speech-language pathologists, educators, or advocates for individuals with communication disorders, graduates with this minor are poised to contribute positively to society by enhancing communication skills and fostering connections within diverse communities.

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