Minor in Neuroscience

The neuroscience minor offers students a comprehensive introduction to the study of the nervous system, its functions and its intricate relationship with behavior and cognition. Through a combination of foundational courses, students will gain insights into the anatomy, physiology and cellular mechanisms of the brain, as well as the latest research in neuroscience.

The interdisciplinary minor allows students to grasp the essentials of neuroscience while complementing their primary major with a deeper understanding of the brain's complexities. It offers a valuable opportunity for those in diverse fields, such as psychology, biology or even computer science, to broaden their knowledge and appreciate the significance of neuroscience in their respective disciplines. By contrast, the Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience program provides a comprehensive, in-depth and standalone study of neuroscience, catering to students with a specific interest in pursuing neuroscience-related careers or advanced studies in the field.

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