Minor in Biological Sciences

The Minor in Biological Sciences offers students a captivating exploration of the fundamental principles that underlie life on Earth. This interdisciplinary minor provides a comprehensive overview of the biological world, encompassing topics such as genetics, ecology, evolution, physiology and cellular biology. Through a carefully curated selection of courses, students delve into the intricate mechanisms governing living organisms, from the microscopic level of cells to the broader scale of ecosystems.

Students will develop a solid foundation in biological concepts, research methodologies and critical thinking skills. You'll gain insights into the complexities of life's processes, adaptations and interactions, while also understanding the profound impact of biological sciences on fields like medicine, environmental conservation and biotechnology.

The biological sciences minor is a versatile addition to various majors, enhancing students' understanding of the natural world and providing you with a unique lens through which to view the interplay between living organisms and their environments. Whether you're pursuing a career in healthcare, research, education or environmental science, this minor equips you with valuable insights into the wonders of life and the pivotal role biological sciences play in shaping our understanding of the living world.

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