Minor in Health Economics

Wayne State’s Minor in Health Economics explores the economic and political forces impacting the health status of individuals. These forces include the health care sector consisting of physician and other provider services, hospital and health facilities, pharmaceutical drugs, medical technology and innovation, health insurance and government programs. With about 20% of the U.S. economy devoted to health care, students will explore a variety of economic forces impacting health, such as poverty and discrimination, and the societal impacts of major recent federal and state legislation designed to improve the functioning of health care markets.

The health economics minor provides a solid foundation in the workings and economic background of the health care system. It complements the major in public health or any major in the life sciences, social sciences or business. Certain courses also provide training in methodological tools and software that are used extensively in the health care industry. Graduates with a Minor in Health Economics will be prepared with a strong background for careers in medicine, allied health sciences and public policy.

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