Minor in Economics

Shape your future and gain a competitive edge in today's dynamic global landscape with a Minor in Economics. Wayne State's program offers a comprehensive exploration of the intricate web of economic forces that influence decision-making, policy and resource allocation.

Through a thought-provoking curriculum that spans microeconomics, macroeconomics and specialized economic fields, students develop a deep understanding of market dynamics, fiscal policies and the socioeconomic factors that drive our interconnected world. With practical applications and real-world case studies, graduates emerge equipped with analytical prowess and a strategic mindset, ready to excel in diverse fields ranging from business and finance to public policy and international relations.

The Minor in Economics not only hones critical thinking skills but also fosters a global perspective on the complexities of economic systems. This minor serves as an invaluable asset to various majors, providing a lens through which students can navigate the complexities of today's rapidly evolving economic environment. Whether aspiring to become entrepreneurs, analysts, or change-makers, graduates with this minor are empowered with the insights to make informed decisions, drive innovation and contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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