Minor in Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

Wayne State's Minor in Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies (GSW) offers an interdisciplinary exploration of gender dynamics, sexualities and women's roles in various cultural, social and historical contexts.

Our program equips students with critical analytical skills to understand and challenge power structures and inequalities. Through diverse courses that span literature, sociology, history and political science, students engage with contemporary issues such as gender identity, LGBTQIA+ rights, feminist theory and global women's movements. This minor not only enriches students' academic perspectives but also prepares them for careers in advocacy, education, policy and beyond, fostering a commitment to social justice and equity.

The GSW minor is split between courses taught in gender, sexuality and women's studies (two foundations courses, plus our seminar in feminist, gender and queer theory) and relevant elective courses taught in other fields. Some students will be able to count courses they've already taken toward their majors toward their minor electives.

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