Programs in gender, sexuality and women’s studies

With a major or minor in gender, sexuality and women's studies (GSW), you can study gender and sexuality through the lenses of feminism, queer and trans studies, with special attention to critical intersections with race, class, religion, health, and geography. GSW is also a place for feminist, queer, and ally students to find community. We come together outside of the classroom for programs, events and service learning on campus and throughout Detroit.

A degree in gender, sexuality and women's studies is flexible and interdisciplinary with a focus on social justice, real-world praxis, and community engagement. Students often chose GSW as a co-major to complement another program of study, or use our minors to amplify their expertise in gender and sexuality and enhance their qualifications by signaling their commitment to diversity and equity.  

Our program offers a major in gender, sexuality, and women's studies and two minors, one in GSW and one in queer studies. A major or minor in GSW is great for careers in health, psychology, communications, business, law, education, and non-profit/community justice.

Degree programs