GSW program administrators

Part-time faculty instructors

Most teaching of courses in GSW are done by our excellent part-time instructors, most of whom have taught at Wayne State for many years. Our cross-listed courses are generally taught by full and part-time faculty and graduate students in African American studies, criminology and criminal justice, English, history and other programs.

Name Courses Contact
Jennifer Hatten-Flisher GSW 2700
MaryAnn Kozlowski GSW 2500, GSW 2600/HIS 2605
Peter Marra GSW 2100, GSW 3240
Michael Schmidt GSW 2500, GSW 3200, GSW/ENG 5035, GSW 5200/7200
Maria Wendeln GSW 2600/ HIS 2605

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GSW Advisory Board

The GSW program depends on leadership from an interdisciplinary team of scholars from across the university. In addition to the program administrators, here are the current members of our advisory board.

Name Department Contact
Antonia Abbey Psychology
Krista Brumley Sociology
Anne Duggan Classical & Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Stine Eckert Communication
Billicia Hines Theatre
Renée Hoogland English
Heather Walter-McCade Law/Social Work
Jennifer Wareham Criminology and Criminal Justice
Lisa Ze Winters African American Studies/English
Joshua Wilburn Philosophy