Minor in Geochemistry

The Minor in Geochemistry takes students on a captivating journey deep within the Earth's chemical heart! This program unveils the intricate language written in the composition of rocks, minerals and fluids, offering a window into the dynamic processes that have shaped our planet over millennia.

Students in this minor will explore the fusion of chemistry and geology, delving into the interactions between Earth's materials and the forces that govern its evolution. Through hands-on laboratory work, analytical techniques and field studies, students decipher the clues embedded within geological formations, unlocking the stories of ancient environments, climate fluctuations and even the origins of life itself.

Graduates with geochemistry minor emerge as scientific sleuths, equipped with a profound understanding of Earth's chemical narratives and the ability to unravel its mysteries, contributing to fields as diverse as environmental science, natural resource management and even our comprehension of extraterrestrial worlds.

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