Bachelor of Science in Geology

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Geology degree at Wayne State University is a research-focused program designed to develop your understanding of the structure, composition and processes of our Earth. Utilizing a modern approach to interpret our changing world, each class prepares you to become a professional geologist or environmental scientist.

Why Wayne State’s geology major?

  • Endless hands-on research and field experiences nurture your understanding of our wondrous world.
  • The curriculum centers around the urban environment and urban impacts on the environment.
  • Pursue direct pathways to graduate study in geology or environmental science.
  • Work with the David J. Lowrie Geology Mineral Museum — Detroit’s first geology mineral museum — and discover artifacts like a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite once owned by Thomas Edison.

What is geology?

Geology is the scientific study of the Earth’s structure and evolution through the careful analysis of its natural minerals and processes. A branch of natural science, the field of geology combines related subjects such as biology, chemistry, math, physics and environmental science.

Nonprofit and for-profit organizations employ geologists who work to alert the public of impending natural disasters or tackle the mounting problems of our world, like climate change.

Learning objectives

Wayne State University’s geology majors learn to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the physical aspects of Earth.
  • Discover how to answer modern, complex questions about our natural world.
  • Learn how human activities impact the Earth and what we can do to mitigate our damage.
  • Develop the groundwork to enter a career as a geologist/related environmental sciences or pursue graduate study.

Geology program requirements and curriculum

The Bachelor of Science in Geology requires a minimum of 120 credits. As an undergraduate student in the Department of Environmental Science and Geology, you must satisfy these requirements:


Whether your interests lie in petroleum engineering, wildlife conservation or geotechnical consulting, each class builds on your knowledge of the natural sciences.

As a geology major, you explore some of the following fascinating topics about our Earth:

  • Glaciers
  • Mineralogy
  • Oceanography
  • Petrology
  • Sedimentology
  • Stratigraphy
  • Structural Geology

Hands-on geological research

Field experiences are an integral part of the Bachelor of Science in Geology program. To ensure you strengthen your problem-solving and teamwork skills, you enroll in a for-credit summer field camp requirement after you complete your foundational courses.

From geochronology to the analysis of crustal processes, you have ample opportunities to explore your interests while gaining vital research experience.

Geology Field Experience 2023

Prepare for graduate studies in geology or environmental science

Wayne State University’s undergraduate geology degree program is an excellent stepping stone for the following master’s degree programs:

Learn more about how our graduate programs prepare you for any vocation.

Minor in geochemistry, geophysics or environmental science

To support the exploration and pursuit of an exciting career in the sciences, the Department of Environmental Science and Geology offers the following minors:

Geology bachelor’s degree career outlook

Entering into a geology career is not only intrinsically rewarding but also highly lucrative. Government agencies, corporations, nonprofit organizations and academic institutions constantly seek talented geology degree holders to confront complex problems.

This might mean evaluating the environmental impact of oil drilling, performing soil analysis to protect citizens or teaching young children about the movement of our Earth’s tectonic plates. 

Earning your bachelor’s degree opens the door to these exciting opportunities and prepares you for further studies as employers often hire candidates who hold a master’s degree in environmental science and geology.

Financial aid and tuition

Wayne State University offers extensive scholarships and financial aid as well as affordable flat-rate tuition to all undergraduate students.

To determine the cost of your education, review our net price calculator.

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Take the first step toward an immersive career making a difference on our Earth by enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in Geology at Wayne State University today!

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