Graduate programs

A graduate degree in environmental science and geology expands students' understanding of the earth to apply to real-world endeavors.

Our curriculum focuses on all things Earth, from its physical composition to the evolutionary process. Students will be privy to classes on ecology, chemistry, physics and many other subjects related to geological science. The advanced study of earth can then be applied to numerous areas, including things like engineering and positions within academia.

When seeking a master's in geology, students can choose from a variety of focuses depending on their particular interests and talents. The skills accrued through this coursework can be applied all over the world, which may be important to students looking to make travel a part of their long-term career goals. Students can secure work within the environmental or energy industry and some may even hold research positions for high-profile learning institutions. Those interested in the earth's past can apply their knowledge to archeological pursuits, while others may choose to take on engineering or civil work. (