Master of Arts in Geology

The master of arts​ (M.A.) with a major in geology provides students with specialized training in the geological and environmental aspects of this discipline. The ​M.A. has two degree options: course-work-​only (Plan C), or course​work with a capstone essay​ (Plan B).

Students receiving this degree will be especially prepared to work in a capacity that deals with or provides solutions to environmental problems in which ​the intimate relationship between the environment and earth science is an important factor.​ Students with an M.A. will be prepared for positions in the fields of environmental and geotechnical consulting, and the M.A. provides a stepping stone to career advancement in these fields.

The master's degree program involves the rigorous, in-depth study of major concepts pertaining to the earth, and the techniques used to study them. Admission into the program assumes a firm foundation in the basic and elemental concepts of geology.

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