Minor in Geophysics

Explore Earth's enigmatic inner workings with a Minor in Geophysics! This program unlocks the secrets of our planet's subsurface by employing the tools of physics to investigate its dynamic processes. From seismic waves that illuminate the Earth's hidden layers to magnetic and gravitational fields that unveil its geological features, students in this minor will explore the Earth's mysteries from an entirely new perspective.

Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, students gain a deep understanding of how geophysical methods are employed to unravel tectonic movements, study natural hazards and even locate valuable resources beneath the surface. Graduates with a geophysics minor emerge as skilled interpreters of the Earth's signals, equipped to decipher its geological symphony and contribute to the fields of environmental science, natural resource exploration and disaster mitigation.

The Minor in Geophysics offers a unique intersection of scientific inquiry and real-world applications. By engaging with cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, students develop critical thinking skills and analytical prowess that extend far beyond the realm of Earth's inner workings but also to becoming problem solvers and innovators in various scientific and engineering domains. Whether you aspire to contribute to renewable energy solutions, environmental monitoring or even planetary exploration, the geophysics minor empowers students with a holistic perspective on our planet's complex dynamics and the tools to make a meaningful impact on its future.

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