Minor in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

Wayne State's biochemistry and chemical biology minor offers a deep dive into the molecular intricacies that power life itself! Explore the biochemical processes behind health, disease and cutting-edge biotechnology. With hands-on laboratory experiences and expert guidance, you'll unravel the secrets of DNA, proteins and metabolic pathways.

Whether you aspire to be a healthcare professional, researcher or innovator in the biotech industry, this minor equips you with the skills and knowledge to thrive. The Minor in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology develops a student's knowledge in the following areas of chemistry and allow them to explore the area of biochemistry and chemical biology in depth: organic, inorganic and biological.

Earning a minor in the subject of biochemistry can widen employment opportunities, complement other STEM disciplines, and enhance a student's competence outside of their own major's expertise. Students pursuing careers in biotechnology, drug design, environmental science, biomedicine, pharmacology, and health care can also benefit from expanding their studies in this field.

For questions relating to the minor in chemistry, please contact a chemistry advisor.

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