Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

The bachelor of science degree offers a strong background for students interested in a career in chemistry or a professional field with a strong reliance on chemistry. Our program trains student to be well prepared for graduate or professional schools, as well as careers in the chemical industry sector.

The B.S. in chemistry degree develops students' knowledge in the five areas of chemistry:

  • Organic
  • Inorganic
  • Analytical
  • Physical
  • Biological 

The program provides outstanding instruction and research opportunities for chemistry majors.


Biochemistry (option two)

The bachelor of science in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry is designed primarily for students planning careers in biochemical and biomedical areas.

View biochemistry requirements (option two)

Materials (option three)

The bachelor of science in chemistry with a concentration in materials is designed primarily for students interested in materials science.

View materials requirements (option three)


Learn more about our bachelor of arts in chemistry with honors program.

Phi Beta Kappa Society

Students interested in joining the Phi Beta Kappa Society should consult with the Wayne State University chapter in order to determine the maximum number of chemistry credits allowed.

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Erin Bachert, academic services officer

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