Gateway to the Sciences Program

Wayne State's Gateway to the Sciences program helps students to get started in required chemistry courses by taking an introductory, pre-requisite course the summer before their first fall semester at WSU.

The four-credit seven-week course will introduce students to basic topics of chemistry and provide a strong foundation for success in subsequent chemistry courses. Upon completion of the course with an acceptable pre-requisite letter grade, students will be able to register for General Chemistry I in the fall semester. This will allow students to complete their chemistry courses earlier and allow more flexibility in their fall schedule.

While this program is beneficial to students in STEM fields, it is extremely beneficial to students in the pre-health sciences. Students who plan to have a career in medicine can benefit from this program by getting an early start on their graduate program prerequisites.

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Course description

CHM 1040 Chemical Skills and Reasoning (four credits)

Chemical Skills and Reasoning focuses on the foundation necessary to succeed in general chemistry and future chemistry courses. The course will provide you with the basic math and study skills needed for the study of science. It will sharpen your problem-solving and critical thinking abilities which will be needed for all future science courses.