Bachelor of Arts in Nutrition and Food Science

Wayne State's Bachelor of Arts in Nutrition and Food Science prepares students who are interested in non-technical positions in the fields of nutrition and food science. These include sales, food service management, customer relations and more.

Elective courses from the business school or community colleges may be applied. Employment opportunities include school or university food service, industrial and commercial food service, hospitals, nursing homes and extended care facilities.

Honors program

The Bachelor of Arts in Nutrition and Food Science with honors curriculum challenges highly motivated students through their outstanding scholastic achievement and develops interest in research and scholarly activity by providing students with an opportunity to work with faculty members. Additional coursework is required to graduate with honors.

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Plan of work

  • Sample plan

    This sample plan of work represents one path to degree completion and does not guarantee graduation by the proposed timeline subject to student performance and class availability. Students are advised to meet with their advisor to develop an individualized plan of work.

    First-year, semester one

    Course # Title Credits
    BIO 1510 Basic Life Mechanisms 4
    ENG 1020 Introductory College Writing (BC) 3
    NFS 2030 Nutrition & Health 3
    MAT 1050 Algebra with Trigonometry 5
    Total 15

    First-year, semester two

    Course # Title Credits
    BIO 2200 Intro Microbiology 5
    CHM 1220 General Chemistry 4
    CHM 1230 General Chemistry Lab 1

    SOC 1010


    ANT 2100

    Understanding Human Society


    Intro to Anthropology

    Total 13

    Sophomore, semester one

    Course # Title Credits
    PSY 1020 Elements of Psychology 3
    NFS 2130 Intro Food Science 3
    NFS 2140 Intro Food Science 1
    CHM 1240 Organic Chemistry I 4
    CHM 1250 Organic Chemistry I Lab 1
      Critical Thinking (CT) 3
    Total 15

    Sophomore, semester two

    Course # Title Credits
    NFS 3230 Human Nutrition 3
    NFS 2200 Human Nutrition Lab 1

    CHM 2220


    BIO 2870

    Organic Chemistry II


    Anatomy & Physiology




    ECO 2010 Principles of Microeconomics 4
    MGT 2530 Mgt of Org Behavior 3
    STA 1020 Elements of Statistics 3
    Total 18 or 19

    Junior, semester one

    Course # Title Credits
    NFS 4230 Macronutrient Metabolism (fall only) 3
    NFS 5350 Org Mgt Food Service (fall only) 4
      Foreign Language I 4
      Intermediate Composition (IC) 3
    Total 14

    Junior, semester two

    Course # Title Credits
    NFS 4231 Human Nutrition: Micronutrients (winter only) 3
    NFS 4150 Advance Food Science (Writing Intensive) (winter only) 3
      Foreign Language II 4
      Oral Communication (OC) 3
    Total 13

    Senior, semester one

    Course # Title Credits
    NFS 4160 Food Laws & Regulations (fall, spring/summer) 3
    NFS 6850 Controversial Issues (fall only) 2
      Quantitative Experience (QE) 3
      Cultural Inquiry (CI) 3
    Total 11

    Senior, semester two

    Course # Title Credits
    NFS 5250 Nutrition & Disease (winter, spring/summer/online) 4
      Civic Literacy (CIV) 3
      Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) 3
      Global Learning Inquiry (GL) 3
    Total 13

Career insights

This tool provides a broad overview of how major selection can lead to careers and is provided without any implied promise of employment. Some careers will require further education, skills, or competencies. Actual salaries may vary significantly between similar employers and could change by graduation, as could employment opportunities and job titles.