Graduate programs

The master's programs include formal lectures, a research project and the writing of a research essay or thesis. The Ph.D. program requires extensive coursework and a dissertation based on original laboratory research.

For general information regarding applications, please see the Wayne State Graduate School. For specific information about departmental admission requirements, please select the appropriate program or see the Graduate Bulletin.

For questions or feedback, please contact Graduate Program Director, Diane Crest,


  • Selecting of an advisor

    During the first semester in the program, admitted students will be advised by the NFS graduate officer or be assigned a temporary advisor. A permanent advisor will be selected by the student or recommended by the Graduate Officer as soon as the research interests of the student have been identified.

    For the M.S. thesis option, students must write and defend their research proposal, prior to starting the research. Students may not work under the supervision of an adjunct faculty in another department unless written authorization is granted by the departmental graduate officer or departmental chair. A copy of the authorization must be attached to the student's plan of work and filed with the departmental office. In addition, the student must have an NFS faculty member collaborate on the project.

  • Grade Point Average (GPA)

    Students are required to maintain a 3.0 grade point average in the entire program. A minimum "B" average is required for NFS 6000, 6020, 6030, 6230, 7000, and 7240. Students failing any of these courses (below B-) will be allowed to repeat them once. In addition, department policy allows for one C grade over the course of the entire program.

  • Plan of work

    Students are required to submit 3 copies of their plan of work after completing 8 credits. Failure to do so will result in a hold on their registration. Students should consult with the Graduate Officer or their Advisor in planning their coursework.

  • Theses and essays

    The completion of a thesis or essay is required for the M.S. and M.A. degrees, respectively. The thesis or essay must show evidence of scholarly study and writing and be related to the student's major. Students should consult their advisor regarding requirements for theses and essays.

  • AGRADE – Accelerated Graduate Enrollment

    Qualified senior undergraduates having a GPA of not less than 3.5 may enroll simultaneously in the undergraduate and graduate program and apply a maximum of sixteen credits towards both the bachelor and master's degrees in nutrition and food science.

    Students may apply for the program as soon as they complete 90 credit hours towards the undergraduate degree. Graduate courses taken as part of the AGRADE program are assessed undergraduate tuition rate. All application materials should be sent to the department address.