Master of Arts in Nutrition and Food Science

Wayne State's Master of Arts in Nutrition and Food Science educates students about food in every stage of its existence. This includes the process of growing ingredients, production, distribution and how these impact people's health.

Nutrition and food science

While nutrition and food science both concern food and how people interact with it, beyond that, the subjects typically differ. Nutrition, both as an area of study and as a profession, is person-centric. It focuses on people's relationships with food and how it impacts health both positively and negatively. In some programs, this topic could also touch on the impact food availability has on different types of communities. Food science, on the other hand, looks at what food is made of and how it's produced, distributed and kept safe. This could include an array of more specific concentration areas, such as food safety, packaging or beverage science. (


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All incoming students are expected to have the following undergraduate courses or their equivalent:

Course # Title Credits
NFS 2130/2140 Intro Food Science and Lab 4
NFS 2220 Nutrition Laboratory 1
NFS 3230 Human Nutrition 3
BIO 2200 Intro Microbiology 4
BIO 2870 Anatomy and Physiology  
  One semester of Organic Chemistry  
  Courses in biochemistry and statistics are recommended  

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