About us

The Department of Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) strives to achieve excellence in teaching and research. Our mission is to achieve distinction in basic and strategic research with significant social impacts.

We serve the state of Michigan by addressing the critical issues of nutrition, health, and food safety. The department focuses on the impact of nutrition on chronic diseases (since many are influenced by diet and lifestyle) both in prevention and treatment. The high rate of morbidity and mortality from these diseases in the minority population of Detroit demands targeted research and education. We strive to achieve this goal through comprehensive research and training of future nutrition and dietetic professionals.

Our research programs are supported by grants from industry, private foundations, and the federal government. We are located in the hub of the Cultural Center and we are a short walk from the Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Science Center, Museum of African-American History, New Center, many restaurants, and other fine attractions.

Department self-study

The purpose of the external review of academic units is to assure quality academic programs through periodic assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. To this end, external and internal reviewers are asked to review the unit in terms of research, teaching, the quality of academic programs, the quality of students, faculty professional service, and resources.

Department of Nutrition and Food Science 2008 Self-study (PDF)