Master of Urban Planning curriculum


We currently offer the following areas of concentration within the Master of Urban Planning (M.U.P.) degree program:

Master of Urban Planning syllabi

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Past archives

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Required classes

Course Title
UP 5010 Resources and Communication in Planning
UP 5110 Urban Planning Process
UP 6120 Planning Studies and Methods
UP 6320 Quantitative Techniques I (Statistics)
UP 6510 Urban and Regional Systems
UP 6650 Planning and Development Law
UP 7010 Planning and Decision Theory
UP 7500 Master's Professional Report

Concentration and elective classes

Course Title
UP 5650 Metropolitan Detroit
UP 5999 (GPH 3900) Special Topics (Urban Visualization)
UP 5999 (US 3550) Special Topics (Public Health and the City)
UP 6260 Land Use Policy and Planning
UP 6310 Real Estate Development and Finance
UP 6340 Community Development
UP 6350 Housing Policy and Programs
UP 6470 Environmental Planning
UP 6520 Transportation Policy and Planning
UP 6570 Local Economic Development: Implementation and Finance
UP 6680 Neighborhood Decline and Revitalization
UP 6700 (GPH 3600) Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (Bellak)
UP 6700 (GPH 3600) Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (LaFlamme)
UP 6830 Advanced GIS Applications
UP 7800 Internship in Planning