Undergraduate programs

Wayne State University offers a range of courses in undergraduate programs of study that are at the forefront of WSU's urban mission. Our undergraduate programs provide students with an understanding of metropolitan areas that utilize strengths from several social sciences providing a firm foundation for multiple careers and further graduate education.

Degree programs

For more information, please contact our undergraduate advisor, Faith Doyle (faith.doyle@wayne.edu), or our undergraduate director, Professor Carolyn Loh (cgloh@wayne.edu).

How do I know this program is right for me?

  • Do you like living in an urban environment?
  • Do you wonder about how neighborhoods grow (or decline)?
  • Do you want to become involved in making your city a better place to live?
  • Do you care about how to increase opportunities for racial and ethnic minority populations?
  • Do you wish to pursue a career focused on urban communities or urban policies and plans?

The urban studies program is flexible enough to serve a wide variety of student needs and interests. The "urban" in urban studies includes learning about suburban and exurban issues as well as studying the structure, condition and future of the central city. Students explore the spatial patterning of metropolitan systems as well as the inner life of individual cities.