Undergraduate Certificate in Professional Arabic

The professional Arabic certificate allows students to read, write, listen and speak in modern standard Arabic. Certified students can carry out daily and routine tasks such as asking for directions, ordering in a restaurant, describing people and things and narrating information in the past, present and future. Students also gain knowledge about cultural differences and practices that allow them to better understand and function within Arabic cultures.

How to apply

Admission requirements

  • Students who want to apply for the certificate must first finish one year of Arabic classes (ARB 1010 and ARB 1020) or pass the placement exam and have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA.
  • The program is also open to students who have previously earned a bachelor's degree at Wayne State or another accredited institution.

Current student

Not a current student

If you're a Wayne State alum or have a bachelor's from another accredited institution, apply to Wayne State as a post-bachelor student and select "Undergraduate Certificate in Arabic for Health Care Professions" as your planned course of study on the second page of the application.

Apply as a post-bachelor applicant

Next steps

Once accepted to Wayne State, a language advisor will contact you with the next steps.

About the program

Wayne State's Certificate in Professional Arabic provides students with the communicative and receptive linguistic tools to use in the multicultural and linguistically diverse business world across the Metro Detroit area, the Middle East and North Africa. Both non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and employers are increasingly seeking candidates with adequate certified language and cultural skills. These skills are critical in Michigan, given its location as a hub for industry and a haven for Arabic-speaking communities, where Arabic is an asset and used in the domains of religion, commerce, education, administration and other industries. Additionally, the internship component of the certificate affords the students the unique opportunity to put the acquired skill into practice through authentic contexts and communicative functions.

Undergraduate certificate programs are open to Wayne State students who have completed at least 60 credits and have a GPA of 2.5 or above. The program also is available to students who have previously earned a bachelor's at Wayne State or another institution.

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