About us

Wayne State's Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures is a network of academic programs focused on developing students' cultural literacy through in-depth study of languages and cultures. Cultural literacy encompasses the three core content areas of our department: languages, literatures, and cultures. This can include the study of fields such as history, civilization, politics, the environment, film, or linguistics.

Our mission

To enable students to become competent users of language, to apply a broad range of skills to their academic coursework, and to gain deep knowledge of the languages and cultures they study. These abilities, skills, and knowledge are essential for excelling within the ethnically diverse Metro Detroit area and the contemporary globalized world.

Developing language abilities means that students will be able to understand and create texts of all kinds in English and the target language. By interacting with and producing texts, students gain skills in critical thinking, textual analysis, research, and self-expression that can be applied not only to the study of languages and cultures but also across their academic coursework. Students also attain a specialized understanding of the historical, cultural, literary, and linguistic characteristics of the area in which they major or minor.

These abilities, skills, and knowledge are embedded within broad contexts and exchanges that support cross-cultural awareness and the ability to see the world through various lenses. Students completing our diverse array of programs are prepared for graduate and professional programs, careers in government, health professions, business, or education, and for participation in today's global society.