Teaching opportunities

Graduate teaching assistantships (GTA)

Graduate assistantships are appointments made to students enrolled in a master's or doctoral program in CMLLC. Appointments may be made for one, two or three semesters of the calendar year. Graduate student appointees must be in good academic standing (i.e., have a minimum 3.0 honor point average or its equivalent).

The graduate assistant must be enrolled for a minimum of six graduate credits each per fall and winter semester appointment. Assistantship positions provide a salary and a tuition scholarship. Graduate assistants have the option of accepting subsidized medical, dental and vision insurance. For more information, please review our graduate teaching assistantship policy.


  • French and Francophone studies
  • German studies
  • Near Eastern languages and cultures
  • Spanish

Part-time teaching

Modern language studies courses

The Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (CMLLC) occasionally employ part-time faculty to teach introductory courses in Chinese, French, German, modern Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Ukrainian. Not all areas have openings every semester but an expression of interest and a CV will be kept on file.

Minimum requirements

  • Minimum requirements include native or near-native language ability in the target language and English, experience in post-secondary language teaching, and an M.A. in an appropriate field.
  • Applicants for teaching Arabic should have native or near-native fluency in Arabic and English, an M.A. or higher is required, in addition to some experience teaching at all levels of Arabic language instruction.

Classical studies courses in English

We occasionally have openings for part-time faculty to teach classics courses in English in the following areas: Classical Civilization (Greek and Roman), Greek mythology, and word origins (vocabulary building via Greek and Latin roots). The minimum requirements are an M.A. in classics, ancient Greek, Latin, classical archaeology or ancient history and teaching experience in these subjects.

The department occasionally has openings for part-time faculty to teach English language courses in the areas of Islamic history and modern and contemporary (M.E.) history. The minimum requirements are an M.A. in ME/NE studies, knowledge of the Arabic language as a source of reference and teaching experience in these areas.

Course pools for part-time faculty (PTF)

Course Section
Arabic Language 001
Advanced Arabic Language 017
Classical Civilization (CLA 1010) 020
Classics (now defunct) 002
Chinese Language 003
Chinese Culture 031
French Language 004
Advanced French Language 026
French Culture 016
German Language 005
Understanding the Fairytale (GER 2991) 028
Modern Greek Language 015
Italian Language 006
Italian Study Abroad 024
Italian 5570 029
Japanese Basic Language 007
Advanced Japanese Language 022
Japanese Literature and Culture 030
Latin Language 016
Mythology (CLA 2000) 019
Near East Culture 008
Polish Language 009
Russian Language 010
Russian Study Abroad 025
Advanced Russian Language 027
Spanish Language 011
Spanish Culture 021
Advanced Spanish 033
Spanish Language Honors 023
Slavic Studies 012
Swahili Language 013
Ukrainian Language 014
Word Origins (CLA 1230) 018
Ukrainian Culture 032
Advanced Spanish 033
Advanced Chinese 034

For more information and job postings, visit jobs.wayne.edu.