Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sociology degree at Wayne State University uses a hands-on, community-focused approach to prepare you for a wide range of careers or graduate study in sociology. With classes led by tenured, published faculty, each with unique specializations, you study the complexity of human society, cultures and organizations.

Why Wayne State’s sociology major?

What is sociology?

Sociology is a broad social science concerned with the study of societies, the interactions of people within societies and the consequences of human behavior. To examine society, professionals — known as sociologists — conduct varied forms of research across individuals, groups and entire cultures. 

Through their findings, sociologists work to understand how to improve pressing modern concerns such as homelessness, health care accessibility and the advancement of civil rights.

Learning objectives

Wayne State University’s sociology majors learn to:

  • Gather evidence, establish hypotheses and oversee research using ethical, proven methods across diverse populations.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of societies across the world by adopting a variety of global perspectives.
  • Exhibit the critical thinking, communication, cultural competency and data analysis needed skills to enter the job market and/or graduate study.

Sociology program requirements and curriculum

The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology requires a minimum of 120 credits. To meet this requirement, you must satisfy the following:


As a sociology major, your classes encompass hands-on research across the Detroit community and traditional in-classroom instruction. 

Your classes cover a few of the following subjects:

  • Global inequality
  • Human society
  • Medical sociology
  • Race in America
  • Social statistics
  • Sociological field research
  • Sociology of gender
  • Sports sociology

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Hands-on sociology research

You can shape your career journey by your research interests and the connections you make. To ensure you get the most out of your education, the Department of Sociology offers the following three core research concentrations, allowing you to discover what interests you:

  • Race, ethnicity and gender (REG)
  • Global, transnational and comparative sociology (GTC)
  • Sociology of health and illness (SOHI)

Whether that means building up a community garden that helps combat food insecurity, conducting research on racial inequality or advocating for a policy change in the city, we’re here to help you make our world better.

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Accelerated pathway to a master’s degree in sociology

The Department of Sociology allows you to simultaneously earn your undergraduate and graduate degrees in sociology through the Accelerated Graduate Enrollment (AGRADE) program, enabling you to graduate early.

To qualify:

  • Maintain a GPA of no less than 3.3.
  • Be a senior enrolled as a sociology major.

Learn more about the path to earning your Master of Arts in Sociology or your Ph.D. in Sociology.

Sociology bachelor’s degree career outlook

As a sociology major, the skills you learn such as communication, research, data analysis, critical thinking and problem-solving are applicable to nearly every industry, giving you many vocational options. Equipped with these transferable skills, you can enter a wider range of careers including business, education, marketing, human resources and community services.

Your Bachelor of Arts in Sociology also provides you with the foundation to continue your graduate studies to pursue careers in counseling, law, public health and more.

Financial aid and tuition

The Department of Sociology awards several departmental scholarships based on need and scholastic achievement to sociology majors. Students who choose to pursue their Ph.D. also have continued funding opportunities through the Allen Goodman and Janet Hankin Endowed Scholarship in Health Sociology.

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Start a positive impact across Detroit communities, build valuable connections and conduct meaningful research alongside award-winning faculty by enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at Wayne State University.

Career insights

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