Admissions: Future students

Sociology is a relevant discipline for anyone interested in society, social institutions, and social relationships. Students can study social issues related to the Detroit area, U.S. society or the world. Areas of interest include urban issues, race and ethnicity, sex and gender, health and illness, families, crime and deviance, religion, the workplace, aging, poverty, and more.

Graduate admissions update

We no longer require the GRE for the graduate application. Additionally, for the fall 2021 admission season, the application fee is waived for all.

Why study sociology in Detroit?

Studying sociology in Detroit is ideal for persons interested in understanding how economic and racial inequality works in America. Detroit's history and present serve as a complex case study of how large corporations, such as auto and real estate, shape political debates and the unequal opportunities available to citizens based upon their race, geography, and skills. In this sense, Wayne State is an ideal place to study sociology.