Undergraduate programs

As a Wayne State undergraduate student, you will develop and deploy practical experiences to your course studies by participating in faculty research, independent undergraduate research, internship opportunities, campus lectures, seminars and visits to research field sites in the Detroit metro area.

For qualified students who wish to complete a thesis and embark on a challenging course of study, we offer departmental honors in addition to the university honors program and an opportunity to earn your master's and bachelor's simultaneously with the Accelerated Graduate Enrollment (AGRADE) Program.

Degree programs

Departmental honors

Departmental honors demand a higher level of performance and offer more personal supervision and faculty mentorship than the regular undergraduate curriculum.

To qualify, students must complete 15 credits in select courses including the honors thesis writing course (SOC 4996 or 4999), SOC 3220, honors in a SOC three-credit course, honors option in a 4000-level SOC course and a 4200-level honors seminar. Students must also maintain a 3.3 minimum GPA in sociology and overall and meet all the ordinary requirements of the major. Successful students will receive the designation "Honors in Sociology" on their diploma preparing them to be competitive candidates in graduate and professional school and their chosen careers.

Directed study

Students can work with full-time faculty members on topics of their choice and obtain faculty assistance in developing these areas of interest through a directed study course (SOC 3990). Students can also work on a faculty member's research project and gain directed study credit.


For students who want more hands-on experiences in their respective fields while engaging in sociological theories and methods, the department offers internship opportunities in local non-profit organizations serving the Detroit community (SOC 4600). Please make an advising appointment for more information about internship opportunities and credits.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

UROP invites students from disciplines across the university including sociology to participate in undergraduate research. Undergraduate research puts theory into practice as you work on projects and are mentored by full-time faculty who are leaders in their field. UROP students engage in and present original, independent research under the guidance of faculty mentors to their peers and present their research findings at academic conferences.

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