Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The bachelor of arts (B.A.) in political science is an excellent program for students planning on entering law or graduate school and for those interested in a career in education, government or foreign service. Our program provides a broad-based traditional liberal arts education for those entering business and allows great flexibility in the choice of courses. 

In developing their specific programs of study, students should consult with the political science undergraduate advisor. They may pursue a general program or choose to concentrate in a particular field or subfield. The following are fields in which a student may choose to concentrate. Other areas of concentration and more specialized programs may be developed in consultation with the undergraduate advisor. It is not mandatory that a student have an area of concentration; the listings are only suggestive.


  • American government and politics
  • Public law/legal studies
  • Urban politics and policy
  • Public administration
  • Public policy
  • Political philosophy and ethics
  • Quantitative political analysis
  • Comparative politics
  • International relations/world politics