Political science research

American government and politics

American politics is concerned with the study of political institutions and political behavior in the world.

Comparative politics

Comparative politics concerns the cross-national study of political institutions and behavior.

Political methodology

Political methodology involves the modes of analysis employed in the study of politics.

Political theory

Political theory is the interpretation and historic development of concepts such as freedom, democracy, equality, justice and power.

Public administration

Public administration examines the development of domestic public bureaucracy and the political, legal and social forces shaping it.

Public law

Public Law considers the development of legal precedents and their relation to politics and society.

Public policy

Public policy looks at how issues are created, defined and reach public agendas, as well as the laws, rules and regulations that are formulated and implemented to address these issues.

World politics/international relations

International relations emphasizes the causes and consequences of international conflict, the development of international conflict resolution, foreign policy decision-making and international organizations.

Other areas of specialization

Formal theory/modeling

Formal theory emphasizes the use of mathematics in constructing theories of political phenomena.

International law

International law looks at the development and application of international law in securing law, order and justice across borders.

Peace research

Peace research studies international and intra-national conflict, war, violence and conflict resolution.

Political economy

Political economy explores the interactions between the polity and the economy and uses the tools of economics to explain social outcomes.

Political psychology

Political psychology explores the role of psychological processes in political behavior and the impact of political events on psychological processes

Politics of developing countries

This research area studies the specific political problems of developing countries.

Race, religion and ethnicity

This research examines the interaction between these concepts and the polity.

Urban politics

Urban politics looks at public policies that address cities.