Writing-intensive requirement


  • Junior standing


In order to meet the university's general education requirement for a writing-intensive (WI) course in each major, the Linguistics Program has developed LIN 5993 for Linguistics majors. LIN 5993 must be taken in conjunction with a co-requisite course (LIN 5210, 5750, 5760, 5770, 6720, or any linguistics course at the 5000-level or above that requires a term paper; PSY 3090 may also be taken as the co-requisite course). While LIN 5993 is non-credit bearing and thus does not require additional tuition, it does require registration in order for a grade to be entered on the official record.


Note: Students must have the following form signed and turned in to the student advisor by the end of the second week of classes of the term in which they are fulfilling LIN 5993.

By signing the form below and having their instructor sign the form, majors are notifying the program and their instructor of their intent to fulfill the writing-intensive requirement. The instructor of the co-requisite course will evaluate the writing done in the course (usually a major paper 15 to 20 pages in length) to see if it demonstrates an ability "to communicate effectively with specialized or professional audiences" (Undergraduate Bulletin, General Education requirements) and that it shows "evidence of intensive training in literature search, linguistic analysis, and the preparation of scholarly written work" (Undergraduate Bulletin, LIN 5993 course description).

If the writing meets these requirements, the student will receive a grade of S (satisfactory) for LIN 5993.


If the student, or the instructor, has any questions about the WI requirement in linguistics, he/she should contact the student advisor or the program director (linguistics@wayne.edu).


  1. The student should register for LIN 5993 concurrently with one of the qualifying co-requisite courses (see description) during a term in their junior or senior year.
  2. The student should present this form to the instructor for their signature during the first week of class. The student should make two copies, one for the instructor, and the other for them. The student should then deliver the original to the linguistics program student advisor before the end of the second week of class.
  3. Before the end of the term, the student should remind the instructor that they are is satisfying the writing-intensive requirement with the instructor's particular course (the instructor will be contacted by the Linguistics Program to record a final grade for the course).
  4. At the end of the semester, students are responsible for making copies of each writing-intensive assignment and submitting them to the student advisor.
  5. Complete the Writing Intensive Requirement Form (PDF).

Note: If students do not submit copies of the WI papers for their files in the Linguistics Program, they will not receive program certification for graduation, and will not be able to graduate that term.